Privacy Policy

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Data We Collect

If visitors leave comments on our website, the IP address is captured along with information on the browser that was used. This helps us prevent spam.

Information submitted through the forms on our website are VOLUNTARY, meaning you need not enter any if you don’t want to. Any information you do enter is used for us to contact you for whatever service you requested. Your information is stored in our secure database with 528-bit encryption. For reference, the NSA encryption is not that high. Your information will never be modified, rented, or sold to third parties.


These are typically used to track your activity on the web. In our case, we don’t use them because we don’t care. We do however recommend clearing your browser’s history and cache after your internet session to make sure advertisers are not able to track your activities.

Spam Detection Tools

We use spam detection tools on this website to – you guessed it – prevent spam! People post dumb crap all the time and we get sick of reading it. So instead of posting stupid comments, reach out or give us a call if you need something. Otherwise, take a hike.

For any questions about our privacy policy, reach out to us through our contact form. Thank you.