Our Liquidation Services

We here at Turkmen offer a liquidation service that’s unmatched by anything you can find locally. With access to an ever-growing network of wholesalers, estate auction companies, and direct connections to stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, we can provide you with any type of liquidation merchandise you may need.

Liquidation Merchandise We Sell

  • Apparel – shirts, pants, dresses, bras, underwear, tees
  • Appliances – rice cookers, blenders, pressure cookers, microwave, freezer, Keurigs, ovens, refrigerators
  • Baby items – pacifiers, shoes, hats, gloves, pants, shirts, onesies
  • Cosmetics – foundation, lipstick, mascara, eye liner, eye pencils, etc.
  • Electronics – all kinds
  • Home Goods – carpets, rugs, couches, furniture, etc.
  • Handbags – Louis Vuitton, Coach, Lululemon, Michael Kors, Aldo, etc.
  • Health & Beauty – feminine products and cosmetics
  • Pet Supplies – food, clothes, hats, shoes
  • Shoes – Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Sketchers, Reebok, Clark, Steve Madden, New Balance
  • Tools
  • Toys

The Wholesale Order Process

Retailers like Walmart and Target are huge. They don’t sell liquidated merchandise to just anyone because they don’t have time to deal with peons. One of the requirements to get merchandise from Walmart is annual revenue in excess of $1M, which weeds out most companies. With an enormous warehouse, we buy 100 Walmart truckloads per month and sell most of them in person to other liquidation companies. We have an email list that grows by the day, and we send a weekly blast on Fridays at 7 AM with any new merchandise or truckloads available that week.

Depending on your order, we may be able to discount products enough to the point where it wouldn’t make sense to buy it anywhere else. Regarding shipping, we can handle it for you through CH Robinson or you can arrange your own shipping on your company’s dime. Give us a call at 518-293-5849 and let us know the types of products your considering and we’ll explain your pricing options.